Connect to the System

How to connect to the system

After easy and quick registration you will get free round-the-clock access to all the Hotelbook services.

Please register to start working in HotelbookPRO. The registration procedure is easy and it takes no longer than two minutes. After you register you will have access to the whole range of HotelbookPRO services.

- Agent Registration Form

Connect your hotel to HotelbookPRO

HotelbookPRO is an opportunity to provide greatest tourist operators and agencies all over the world with free round-the-clock access to your hotel.

HotelbookPRO gives you an opportunity to connect your hotel to the booking system that is every day used by 3,000 tourist operators and agencies from all over the world. Having direct access to the system, you will be able to make all the changes on your own; no assistance of the manager will be required.

To connect your hotel to HotelbookPRO service please send the e-mail request with your data to e-mail address or fill in the registration form on the website.

Our manager will contact you as soon as the provided information is verified.