Terms and Conditions


1.1 These terms and conditions are an official offer of UTS Travel Group LP. ("Company") to conclude an agreement for booking of and payment for services through the website www.hotelbook.pro. An agreement is deemed to be concluded on these terms and conditions and does not require signing by the parties if the Agent performs any actions to comply with these terms and conditions, including but not limited to registration on the website, full or partial payment.

The Company reserves the right to change and modify these terms and conditions at any time. Changes will be effective as soon as they are published on the www.hotelbook.pro website.

1.2 The booking system is intended for the Agents to book the services for individual tourists (maximum 9 pax). All bookings for 10 or more pax should be submitted by means of offline module or to the Company's office via e-mail or fax. In case the Agent attempts to split the group booking into several different bookings, the hotel and (or) the booking system reserves its right to cancel such booking with possible penalties being payable by the Agent.

1.3 The bookings through the www.hotelbook.pro system shall be made for real clients only. If the booking turns out to be made for the purposes of holding hotel rooms, the hotel and (or) the booking system reserves its right to cancel such booking with possible penalties being payable by the Agent.

1.4 It is prohibited to disclose to the third parties any information relating to the booking system www.hotelbook.pro as well as to give an unauthorised access to the system to any third parties.

1.5 All the rights to any information disclosed in any form within the booking system www.hotelbook.pro are reserved to the Company. Such information shall not be used elsewhere without the Company’s written permission.

1.6 All the updates, including change in rates, tariffs, schedules of exhibitions, change of hotels' names, occur in the system automatically without prior notification.

1.7 Any actions with bookings made through the system (order confirmation, amendment, cancellation etc.) shall not be accepted by telephone.

1.8 All information for a booking, in particular the names, surnames of clients, remarks shall be entered in English language.

1.9 Any additional service requests shall be addressed by the Agent to the Company via e-mail or by means of offline module.


2.1 The Company shall provide the Agent with accurate and reliable information on specifications of booked services.

2.2 The Company does not guarantee to the Agent any service until it is confirmed in the system and is fully paid for in accordance with these terms and conditions.

2.3 The Company may cancel a booking until the booking is paid for in full.

2.4 The Company reserves the right to cancel the Agent’s bookings in case the Agent violates payment procedure or any other terms and conditions set forth herein. In such cases the Company shall not bare any liabilities and shall not compensate the Agent any losses occurred as the result of booking cancellation.


3.1 The Agent shall provide the Company with the information necessary for booking and for provision of the services. The requirements to the information and the time within which it shall be provided are specified in the booking system.

3.2 The Agent shall provide the Company with accurate information on its address, telephone, e-mail address for prompt connection with the Agent. The Agent bears the liability for not providing or providing incorrect information and for all the relevant losses.

3.3 The Agent shall pay for the bookings in a timely manner in accordance with clause 4 of these terms and conditions.

3.4 The Agent shall immediately notify the Company on the Supplier’s failure to provide the services booked and paid for through the system.

3.5 The Agent shall explain to the Customers indicated in the booking, the terms, conditions and all the information provided by the Company to the Agent; the Agent guarantees his capacity to enter into agreements on behalf of third persons.

3.6 The Agent shall procure that the Customers indicated in the booking comply with these terms and conditions.

3.7 The Agent shall provide proper protection of confidential information, shall not disclose logins, passwords, e-mails and other information used for the booking, shall take actions to protect means of communications used for the booking from third persons’ access. All the actions performed under Agent's login (an email address) and password shall be deemed to be performed by the Agent.

3.8 The Agent may cancel any of his bookings, provided he pays penalties prescribed by the booking system www.hotelbook.pro and these terms and conditions.

3.9 If the Customer/ the Agent does not use the booked services at his discretion or ceases using them prematurely, the Agent shall notify the Company in writing within 10 calendar days as of the last date of services. Absence of such notification means that the services have been timely provided in full in accordance with the order of the Agent. Notifications shall not be accepted and reviewed upon after the 10 days-period as of the date of performance of the services. However, the notification itself does not guarantee any refund for unused services.

3.10 The Agent shall procure that the Customers indicated in the booking have all the documents required for passing through a border and necessary for entering the country of stay.


4.1 The Agent shall have the opportunity to choose the means of payment convenient for him while the final amount of payment may vary depending on the choice of particular means of payment.

4.2 The Company shall render an invoice and shall send it to the Agent’s e-mail address specified at registration in the booking system. The invoice shall be valid within three (3) business days unless otherwise is specified additionally.

4.3 The Agent’s booking is deemed to be paid for after the payment of the Agent has been received.

4.4 The Company reserves its right to change the existing rates for services as a result of fluctuation of exchange rate (more than 3%), and also as a result of changes in fares, taxes and rates during conferences and exhibitions and other special events, the Company informs the Agent on these changes when rendering an invoice.

4.5 All rates are indicated in the booking system www.hotelbooking.pro for one room and include taxes and fares unless otherwise specifically prescribed in remarks. Meal plan and its absence is specified for each offer in the system.

4.6 The rates indicated in the system during the time of search and booking are approximate and may be changed in accordance with the Suppliers’ policy. The final price would be indicated in the confirmation of the booking.

4.7 The Customer shall pay himself all the additional fares (local, resort etc.), which are not prescribed by an agreement with a hotel.

4.8 The majority of hotels require the Customers to provide a credit card when checking in. A cash deposit may be required in case of the absence of a credit card. The Customer shall pay all his/her additional expenses directly to the hotel before departure.

4.9 The rates in the hotels may be similar or even higher than the official rates during the high season periods, while the increase in rates may occur even after the booking has been made and confirmed. In this case the Agent shall have the right to keep the booking or to cancel it.

4.10 All special offers are invalid during the high season periods.

4.11 Some hotels may have flexible pricing which may change daily. Rates for these hotels in the booking system may be similar or higher than the rate specified by the hotel before. In this case the Agent shall have the right to cancel the booked services taking into account the terms of cancellation, while the Company shall not be liable for the difference between the rates and shall not bear the losses of Agent occurred in connection with such difference.


5.1 The Agent shall have an automatic access to receive a voucher in the booking system www.hotelbook.pro. The Agent shall ensure that the voucher contains information relating to stay of each Customer including the confirmation number from the partner. All the information indicated in the voucher and the voucher itself may be printed out using the booking system www.hotelbook.pro.

5.2 Some hotels require the booking number and the reference of the Supplier to be indicated in the voucher, which is specified in the booking confirmation (in most cases such information is automatically reflected in the voucher).

5.3 Voucher shall contain information on the payment for the stay made through one of the Suppliers of the system or other local partner.

5.4 The Agent shall specify the names of all Customers when booking rooms in the USA and Canada.

5.5 The Agent shall provide each Customer with a separate voucher if Customers check in at different times.

5.6 A hotel may charge the Customer the whole official price in case the Customer cannot submit the voucher while checking-in and (or) the hotel may cancel the booking.


6.1 Bookings shall be cancelled in the system in accordance with the cancellation terms and conditions prescribed in the system.

6.2 The cancellation of booking made for the high season periods (exhibitions, conferences, special events, etc.) shall be subject to a penalty, if such cancellation occurs after confirmation of the booking and (or) after the deadline.

6.3 Minimal penalty for an after-deadline cancellation or no show shall be equal to the cost per one night stay. During the high season periods the penalty may be equal up to 100% of the cost of all booked services. Therefore, the Customer shall pay attention to the rules of cancellation specified in the booking system www.hotelbook.pro.

6.4 In certain cases hotels may changes contractual terms and terms of cancellation. Information relating to such changes may be found in remarks or may be sent to the Agent in writing via e-mail or by means of an offline module.

6.5 In certain cases, name changes or other amendments are not permitted and the booking may need to be cancelled and re-booked. In the event of re-book new rates may apply.

6.6 If the Customer makes a check-out before the initial check-out date of the booking, the possibility of refund for unused nights and the amount of the refund depends on the hotel’s policy unless other terms of early check-out had been previously advised.

6.7 In case cancellation of services is made by the Customer in the hotel directly the Customer shall obtain a written document from the hotel to claim for a refund, the document shall contain: the date of cancellation of services, the name of the employee of the hotel who issued the document, the confirmation from the hotel on the cancellation of service. The refund for cancellation of services cannot be received without such document.

6.8 Cancellation of additional services shall be carried out before the penalties prescribed in the booking are applied. 100% penalties shall be applied for all the cancellations made after the deadline.

6.9 Refund cannot be received for the unused services.


7.1 The Company provides visa support services (“Visa Support Letter”) for the Russian Federation to the Agency Customers, on request. Visa Support Letter and/or any other visa support document issuance is at the Company’s sole discretion.

7.2 Visa Support Letter shall only be available if it is requested on the same dates as of the hotel in the Russian Federation booked and fully paid through the Company.

7.3 For Visa Support Letter the following Customer information is required:
- full name and surname as specified in the passport;
- date of birth;
- passport number;
- сitizenship.

7.4 The Company will send the required Visa Support Letter to the Agency by e-mail. If an original is required, as per an individual Customer’s nationality, delivery costs will be on the Customer’s charge.

7.5 Visa Support Letter is free of charge. In the event, the booking made through the Company is cancelled after the Customer has received a visa to the Russian Federation, the Company shall be entitled to charge twenty (USD20) US dollars for Visa Support and inform the Russian Consulate in that Customer’s country about the visa cancellation.

7.6 The Agency acknowledges that the Company cannot guarantee the approval of, or be held responsible for, the denial of a visa application by Russian Federation immigration authorities.


8.1 Booking of the rooms available in the system is made through the booking system www.hotelbook.pro. Requests for booking of the rooms which are not avaliable in the system and group requests (10 pax and more) shall be send by the Agent to the Company via e-mail or by means of offline module.

8.2 The Company shall use its best efforts to confirm the requested hotel. In case the confirmation of the requested hotel is impossible, an alternative shall be offered. In case of an alternative the Agent shall either accept this offer or decline it by cancelling it through the booking system.

8.3 The Agent shall send all special requests (for non-smoking rooms, adjacent rooms, neighboring rooms, etc.) to the Company via e-mail or by means of offline module, but the Company cannot guarantee such requests to be fulfilled. These special requests are subject to availability.

8.4 Rooms for disabled persons are usually equipped with wheelchair ramps, but are not equipped with any special facilities or medical facilities for patients with more serious health problems. If such special facilities are needed, they shall be additionally requested.

8.5 At least name and surname of one Customer (so-called “leader”) is required for booking of room (rooms), however, for booking in the USA and Canada names of all Customers are required.

8.6 Booking of additional nights to the confirmed booking shall be made at this existing booking in case the Supplier allows it without application of penalties or shall be made by means of a new booking. In case the initial booking had been paid for, the payment for additional booking would be calculated in accordance with the exchange rate existing at the moment of rendering the invoice. The Company reserves its right to cancel the confirmed booking and to book another hotel for the whole period of the stay.

8.7 Check-in hour in most hotels is 14:00 pm or later, and the Agent shall notify the Customer about it accordingly.

8.8 In case of a late check-in (after 17:00 pm local time), the Agent shall make respective remark in the system www.hotelbook.pro.

8.9 In most hotels check-out hour is 12:00 midday, in some hotels it is 11:00 am, the Agent shall notify the Customer about it accordingly. Upon departure, the Customer shall check out and pay for all the additional expenses.

8.10 Triple or quadruple rooms is usually consist of one double bed (or two single beds) and an additional bed or two double beds. Most hotels do not provide a separate bed for each Customer, in that case the Agent shall notify the Customer about that.

8.11 If the hotel obliges the Customer to pay for the stay, the Agent shall immediately contact the Company’s hotline client support via telephone in order to avoid double payment for the service.


9.1 Discounts are usually applied to the children from 2 to 12 years old (unless specified otherwise) sharing a double room with 2 adults. Special rates may be applied for children of age up to 2 years in case the child needs an additional place. For application of discounts for children an extra bed or baby cot shall be booked, depending on the child’s age. In case of booking of a triple room, the price for an adult shall be applied.

9.2 If the hotel does not provide special pricing or discounts for children, the pricing for triple room shall be applied.

9.3 In certain hotels, special rates for children do not imply that an extra bed would be provided. In such cases, the child shares the bed with the parents. Information about the children policy is usually indicated in the booking confirmation (if accommodation type is indicated) or in the voucher.

9.4 In some hotels discounts for children (in case the child stays free of charge) do not include breakfast. In such cases breakfast shall be paid for in the hotel directly.


10.1 Transfer services are provided on the basis of one average sized luggage and one piece of hand luggage per person. In case the amount of luggage exceeds the limit the Supplier of the services may require to pay additional charge. If the amount of luggage exceeds the prescribed standard, the Agent shall book more spacious vehicle.

10.2 All the additional services and escort by an assistant shall be required at the moment of booking.

10.3 In case of delay (which is not caused by the Supplier) that results in necessity to use services for longer time period, the Customer shall pay for the additional time in accordance with the price-list of the Supplier, directly to the Supplier.

10.4 In case the service begins at an airport, railway or port, the waiting period shall be 1 hour long from the moment of the Customer’s expected arrival time, unless specified otherwise. If the service begins at any other place, the waiting period for the driver is not provided. The Customer shall be at the meeting point indicated in the voucher at least 5 minutes prior to the specified time.

10.5 If the Customer does not find the driver or the assistant at the specified meeting point, he/she shall immediately dial the emergency telephone number indicated in the voucher.

10.6 If the transfer did not occur and the Customer had to use a taxi, the Customer shall keep the taxi receipt for it to be later attached to the refund demand.

10.7 If the Customer is travelling with a child or a new-born baby, a special child seat shall be booked additionally. Failure to comply with said provision may lead to a refusal to render the services, and any payments are non-refundable.

10.8 A valid voucher is to be presented by the Customer in order to gain access to the transfer bus. Failure to submit the voucher may result in the Customer is denied to access the bus.

10.9 The Customer shall strictly follow the instructions specified in vouchers for transfers from airports, railway stations, ports, etc.

10.10 In order to arrange a transfer to an airport, railway or port, the Customer shall calculate the transfer departure time by himself, taking into account the duration of the trip, along with the time spent at the registration desk and the customs service.

10.11 Transfer Suppliers reserve the right to remove any aggressive or disturbance-causing passenger, with a consecutive waiver of any obligations.

10.12 Transfer Suppliers are not liable for any damaged or lost items of luggage.

10.13 Transfer starting time and trip duration are solely approximate, and can vary under certain circumstances.

10.14 If the transfer Supplier is unable to reach the requested hotel, the Customer will be supplied with an alternative meeting point.

10.15 Tips are not included in the rates, and remain at a passenger’s discretion. Porter services are also not included therein.


11.1 To rent a car the Customer needs to meet the following requirements:
- the driver must be of the minimum rental age (in each case this option is specified in "Terms of car rent" available both at the stage of car rent booking and after the booking is confirmed);
- at least one year of driving experience;
- a valid international driving license;
- a valid credit card on the driver's name. For some categories of vehicles two credit cards of different payment systems (electronic cards are not accepted) are required. When picking up the car a deposit will be blocked on the card that guarantees the car will be returned on time and without any damage. The amount of the deposit depends on the car class and terms and conditions of the booking.

11.2 Each offer for car rent has a program with the list of parameters included in the offered rate. Any additional services, equipment, insurance, etc., that are not included in the maintenance program are to be paid additionally by the Customer at the place of car rent.

11.3 Cancellation policy and amendment policy depend on the rental company policy and are specified in the "Terms of car rent".

11.4 The Agent is obliged to explain the "Terms of car rent" to the Customer and to provide him/her with a voucher that must contain all important information about the terms and conditions of car rent. However the Agent or the Company (www.hotelbook.pro ) has no liability in case of additional requirements of the rental company at the place of car hiring.

11.5 The Company reserves the right to make changes in the terms and conditions of bookings and in cancellation terms of car rent bookings in accordance with the amendment requirements of car rental companies.


12.1 Description of the hotels in the system is of informational character. It is reviewed carefully, nonetheless the booking system and the Company shall not be liable for inaccuracies and discrepancies of the description of services and locations of the hotels.

12.2 Repair activities are carried out in the hotels from time to time. The Company shall not be liable for the inconveniences caused by such activities.

12.3 The Company shall not be liable for the personal expenses and the additional expenses of the Customer occurred throughout the trip or in the hotel.

12.4 The Company shall not be liable for the additional expenses of the Customer which occur as the result of him/her missing a plane, a train or any other means of transport.

12.5 Duration of transfers is indicated based on the standard terms of transportation. In case of late arrival to the place of delivery the Company shall not be liable for the Customer would miss a plane, a train, etc.

12.6 The Company shall not be liable for the expenses or other negative consequences of the Agent/ the Customer which occurred as the result of one of the following:
(a) provision by the Agent/the Customer inaccurate, insufficient and (or) untimely information necessary for execution of an agreement;
(b) actions of Russian or foreign customs service, Russian or foreign border management, or any other actions of governmental bodies or authorities of Russian Federation or foreign countries;
(c) any actions of embassies and consulates relating to refusal to issue a visa, delay in issuance of a visa or other actions;
(d) loss, theft of personal luggage, valuables or documents during the trip;
(e) absence of necessary documents or disturbance;
(f) any type of medical condition of the Customer and any medical precautions relating to it (including restrictions for using different types of transportation, change of climatic conditions, peculiarities of national cuisine, medicaments etc.)
(g) a need to obtain any special permits or approvals from third parties or competent authorities, including: a need to obtain an entry/exit visa, a parental consent for a child to travel abroad, a need to obtain by a child an international passport, an arms export license, a pat travel certificate, a treasures of art export license and other permits or approvals;
(h) absence of travel and health insurance policy;

12.7 Damages suffered by the Customer, caused by cancellation or amendment of departure time of planes , trains, vessels or any other means of transportations, are to be covered by the carrier in accordance with the Russian and international transportation law. Aerial carriage or carriage by rail agreement – airplane ticket, railway ticket, or any other transfer document, issued in the Customer’s name is a separate agreement in itself, concluded by the Customer (passenger) and the carrier. Quality of services provided is subject to the passenger’s claims only to the carrier directly.

12.8 Should the Customer’s actions cause any harm or damage to the Company or any third party, damage recovery is to be sought from the Customer in accordance with the current legislation.

12.9 The Agent shall bear full liability for the validity of the information specified while making a booking in the booking system (flight numbers, time and dates of arrivals and departures, etc.)

12.10 The Agent shall bear full liability for any and all bookings made using her Name and Password, allocated to him within the booking system (www.hotelbook.pro).

12.11 Any and all penalties for and financial losses caused by untimely cancellation of bookings made through the booking system www.hotelbook.pro shall be covered by the Agent, who violated the conditions and terms of booking cancellation.


13.1 By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, and by performing booking and (or) making online payments using the Company's website, the Agent affirms having received any and all valid and truthful information on Company services.

13.2 For all issues not mentioned in these Terms and Conditions, the Agent and the Company should follow the Terms and Conditions of the booking system.

13.3 Pre-judicial procedure for conflict resolutions is specified below. If the Agent's claims and concerns regarding the quality of services or actions of third parties remain unresolved, they shall be presented in writing within 20 calendar days after the date of the ending of services provision, and they shall be reviewed within a 10-day period after being received. Should a conflict not be resolved through this pre-judicial procedure of conflict resolution, it is to be settled in the International Commercial Arbitration Court in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation in accordance with its procedural rules and regulations. Language of the court proceedings is hereby set to "Russian", applicable law is the one of Russian Federation.